About Us

Pikolo Association was founded in 2014 by 12 educators in Ordu. The existential mission of Pikolo is to enable individuals who have disadvantages compared to society to continue their lives in decent conditions.

Headquartered in Ordu, it has representatives in Ankara, Adana and Şanlıurfa. It continues its activities all over Turkey in order to realize its goals.

Pikolo Association, which has been working to ensure that children, women and youth, who are at a disadvantage compared to the society, reach decent conditions since 2014, carries out its activities in cooperation with public institutions and organizations, national and international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Pikolo Association carries out its programs within the scope of implementation, advocacy, dissemination and policy development activities.

Pikolo Association; With its experienced human resources, field experiences, application power, cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations, it will continue to work for the best interests of people in the following processes.

Pikolo Education Culture Youth and Sports Club Association

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